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The one thing that we are sure of is that as filmmakers, we enjoy compelling stories about people who have been placed at a crossroads. In our past work, themes of loss and how people navigate life changes is what drives us creatively. Fictional stories with one foot in reality that immerse audiences in familiar worlds that ask questions, give little answers and have the film goer ask themselves, “What would I do?” We feel this is essential to telling original and compelling stories.


Because of the type of worlds in which our stories are set, we are able to use existing locations to communicate the visual tone of our films. By doing this, our brand of filmmaking remains cost effective and efficient without compromising quality or production value.


Our approach follows in the footsteps of successful independent films like Sundance Grand Prize winning Winter’s Bone and Jeff Nichols’ Take Shelter, which was shot and produced here in Ohio. These films were done with modest budgets. By bringing together a talented team, and working from a great script, they tell human stories that truly connect with the audience. This mirrors our philosophy. THE STREET WHERE WE LIVE has been our most ambitious project to date and is the culmination of previous film experiences and creative endeavors with John Whitney, Phil Garrett, Dino Tripodis, Gil Whitney along with an enviable cast and dedicated crew. "Street" holds the promise of being their best project to date. Until the next one of course. 

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